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Style Details

Avia iBurn weigh thirteen ounces with platform one inch and heel being one and a half inch high. To boost its grip tendency it comes with rubber outsole. All the materials used are light in weight to maximize comfort and featured padded tongue and collar. To keep shoe odor free it uses upper which breaths as you walk and its achieved with the use of mesh and synthetic overlays, it also eliminates the sweat while keeping the internal environment cool. These toning shoes are a must have for every women.



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Ilene from Pennsylvania

My husband has flat feet and loves to just wear sneakers. When we go out I would prefer that he wear a nice shoe. I ordered the iBurn for him. At first he was apprehensive, but he tried them on and was amazed. He loves them so much and now he never takes them off. He is so impressed with the comfort and is thrilled that he doesn't have to lace them up. They run true to size and are great for people who have flat feet.

Elmo Adolph from Destrehan, Louisiana

This shoe was surprisingly exactly as it was described before it was ordered. It was true to size, true to width and true to comfort. It is as nice looking in person, as it was pictured and it arrived promptly, even before the scheduled due date! It is a great shoe for a foot (13xxwide) and arch (very high) that is normally hard to fit. It provides all day comfort and has become the favorite shoe of choice, as its' looks have good versatility.

Jeff from Marion, Ohio

I bought this shoe because of a recommendation of a friend. I was not disappointed. It is everything he said it would be. It is very comfortable, and has helped bring some relief to the foot pain and discomfort I was experiencing. The shoe provides very good support, but is very "light" (weight). I am considering buying a second pair, in another color - to give some variety to my wardrobe.

MikeG from Colorado Springs

I got a blister the first time I walked in this shoe. But, my heels are VERY sensitive to abrasion. After using a band-aid for a few days everything is fine. The shoe is very comfortable. I would buy again. Frankly, I'll probably order another pair, with my luck they will discontinue this model.

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