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Style Details

The height of the platform for Avia El Moro Toner sneakers is one inch high with heel being two inches high. It uses special lightweight materials to keep its weight down to twelve ounces when taken measurements using size 7. It had rubber outsole which is common in all of Avia styles. To achieve rocker motion Propulsion Plate is installed in the midsole to enhance rigidity. Stability and grip of the shoe are 2 important factors and this style have done it successfully with the use of Flex grooves at its forefoot. It even uses negative technology to improve muscle exercise. The low weight of this style is done with the help of PU midsole and EVA footbed which are ultra slim and comfortable. It featured premium arch support with its Anatomical Cradle design. Its sockliner is made from memory foam and is also removable. To ensure maximum comfort when walking its tongue and collar are rightly padded. To help gain stable steps when walking on running it uses technologies like Cantilever System and Archrocker which greatly help in reducing fatigue.


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Barbara from New Yawk City

They are very comfortable, made of very soft leather. The two adjustable straps are great, letting you fit the shoe to you. And to my amazement, because of these straps (and the comfortable lining), these shoes are wearable either with or without socks! Very versatile--I hope to take them walking through Europe.

Jim from Los Angeles, California

Best sneakers - I bought this trainer last season and it was the best shoe ever!!! Fit is comfortable from the first time you step into it. It is all I wear now in warm weather. You will love it! I now have 3 pairs in assorted colors for this summer and only wish that I could find the lavender that they had last season. Great summer shoe for everything!

Philip West from Louisville, Kentucky

By accident, I stumbled onto my first pair of these shoes a few years ago. They were great from the first wearing of them and there was no break in period. Normally, I dislike shoe shopping as I seldom find truly comfortable shoes. The area of the "toe box" is usually too tight for my feet, but these were perfect. Another wonderful factor was their ability to hold up during my, sometimes rough, wearing of them.

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