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Style Details

Avia iQuest weight is 1 pound and 1 ounce, well not so lightweight as compared to other style, but as this style use more cushioning therefore it should not be neglected. It uses rubber outsole which is flexible and durable. To enable the rocking motion and increase the support and comfort it uses Leaf Spring Archrocker feature. To exercise your muscles it comes with PU pod in forefoot which is low density. This specific model is engineered with negative heel which activates more muscles than any ordinary shoe. Its lining is made of mesh and is breathable. To make it more comfortable, its collar and tongue is padded to maximum cushioning achievable even in the footbed. Synthetic overlays have been used on mesh upper which increases support and breathing.



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Donna from St. Louis

I brought the on the recommendation of two of my sisters. We all have very wide feet and several of us have hammer toes. They said the shoe was comfortable and reasonably priced. I received my shoes approximately two weeks ago and have worn them everyday. They are true to size, make me feel sure footed and very comfortable. I will no doubt purchase another color this spring for summer wear.

Jean from Wisconsin

This is the 2nd pair of them I have bought. I liked the first pair so much I bought another. The second pair is just a tiny, tiny bit smaller, but not enough to buy a 1/2 size larger. They are very comfortable and look really good. Not at all like "old lady" shoes. They are good to wear when you are going to be on your feet a long period of time. If they came in more colors I would probably buy more.

Barbara from Lancaster County, PA

Structurally, my feet are two different sizes, so finding comfort and style in one shoe is unusual for me. The size - 10 1/2 EE - is difficult to find, so I was delighted to find a few choices on this website. I was even more thrilled when they came and they felt good even after teaching all day. Thanks!

Dawn from Phoenix, AZ

I ordered iQuest shoes for my mother, who needs a wide shoe because she has hammertoes and bunions. We were trying to find something that was somewhat dressy for her to wear to church (she only wears tennis shoes the rest of the time). She had tried a pair on in a shoe store, but they needed to be a little wider, so I took a chance and ordered the wider width from this website. She loves them! She finally has some shoes that are comfortable for her to wear and that fit her!

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