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Style Details

Avia have achieved its lightweight comfort aim by offering a weight limit of just eight ounces in its A5020W style when taken size 6.5. To enable this shoe to be able to walk on slipper, rough, grassy or any kind of surface it has special flex grooves in forefoot offering traction beyond imagination. To increase toe protection and to make it flexible its equipped with outsole which is solid in nature and made out of rubber material. As in all other styles for this brand this product also comes with EVA midsole and this one is also molded for better conformability. It has EVA sockliner which is removable and molded. Its upper consist of air mesh, synthetic and leather which are breathable and its cantilever system enable running comfortable. Avia A5020 is your choice when it comes to running or walking no matter in dessert, grass or just rough ground.


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Peggy from Maryland

This is the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. It has reduced the swelling in my feet and ankles considerably. I no longer have that burning sensation that I usually got after wearing any shoe more than two hours. I can actually wear them all day with no discomfort.

Cyndi from Palm Springs, CA

Materials are poor quality, and the fit is odd - narrow in some places while wide in others. For a "Walker" it has very little padding in the foot bed. What others are calling a light weight shoe, I'm calling very cheap. Sent them right back.

Candace from Illinois

This shoe is the perfect companion for either jeans or dressier slacks. It is as comfortable as an athletic shoe but much better looking. The fit was true to size in both width and length. The quality is excellent. I have two pairs of these shoes in different colors and will probably order more.

California Gal from Sunny California

On a recommendation from a co-worker, I purchased two of the A5020 walkers, one in plum and one in black. The plum fit true to size with an extended tab for the upper strap to accommodate comfort, which I think is a great idea. The black does not have the extra tab so it does not work at all & the fit was too short. Because I like the look and comfort of the them, I am exchanging the black one for a size larger. Hopefully it will have an extra long tab for the upper strap.

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