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Style Details

Avia A378M comes in many different colors like stone taupe, black, chocolate chip and walnut. And all of these shoes weigh just eleven ounces making it a very lightweight and durable trainer. Grip is what everyone need in their shoe and its outsole which is solid and made of rubber can do just that. To make it more flexible when walking, Avia have introduced flex grooves for this purpose. Gaint cycle is established in from its heel to toe which comes with rocking motion enabled by ArchRocker. To increase comfort and cushioning ArchRocker tech is used in EVA midsole which is compressed and molded. A breathable shoe is always a healthy shoe, therefore it consist of mesh lining and to add to its qualities it comes with sockliner which is molded, is removable and can accommodate orthotics easily.  It features personalized fit with its lacing system and to maximize comfort and feel its collar is rightly padded including its tongue make it suitable for perfect fit. Its upper uses materials such as mesh, synthetic and leather which are high in quality for appeal. To stabilize and soften the impact on floor, Cantilever is used in its outsole and heel resulting in increased energy return. These sneakers will make your day and you will not regret this choice as its been favored by many athletes.


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Nancee from Boise, ID

I bought this pair of shoes because I am going on an Alaskan cruise in July and I have a pair of walking shoes that look like tennis shoes, so I wanted a pair of shoes that had a dressier look. I can wear them with capris or bermudas, or even workout clothes. They are very comfortable and a little more stylish. They are well made, light weight, and cute!

Vicki W. from Texas

I received these shoes yesterday and wore them for the first time today. I am on my feet all day long and they were wonderful! I wore them without thin socks or hose and at the end of the day my feet did not hurt one bit! To find a pair of shoes in a wide width this good was a great blessing! Very nice look for either capris or slacks/jeans!

Anonymous from Missouri

This shoe fit right out of the box, no breaking in. It looks great with jeans or dress slacks. Avia makes a light weight shoe which is important for me since I have a sever foot drop. I can always count on their shoe fitting perfectly.

Maya from Topeka, Kansas

The straps require more than just Velcro to stay on. Perhaps a longer strap looped through a metal holder, then Velcro would have been more secure. I got these shoes for my daughter, and she cannot run in them without the straps coming undone.

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