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Avia A1433 is a well known trainer shoe recently made famous when it was featured in fitness magazine, due to its lightweight comfort it has become one of the best seller at many merchants. It features synthetic upper and an extra gripy outsole combined with soft and supportive interior and insole making it one of the best trainer sneakers ever. This brand first started its manufacturing in 1979 and since then it has been a pioneer in athletic footwear. Today its catalog consists of hundreds of styles for both men and women including numerous colors for each style. The TPU shank and TPR units work together to maximize the stability. When it taken size 6.5 it will weigh about 11 oz only. To get the idea of the popularity of this product, it begs to mention that it has been work by many athletes in Olympic games. A1433W uses grooves to enable breathability and technologies to prevent odor. Its tongue is lightly padded resulting in increased comfort. See this product at store:


Maroon Blue Green

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DD from Portland, OR

Love this shoe. I have very wide feet, and these (9 1/2 XW) were comfortable from the moment I put them on. I bought the navy, liked it so much I bought the black and plum to. I have to get the plum a 1/2 size smaller, but the wide toe box made that work ok; I just took out the great washable insoles until they were worn in a bit. The straps can be worn straight across, or x'ed over for variety.

Hazel from San Antonio, Texas

I bought two pairs from JC Penneys. I tried on the shoes and they felt good. I loved the lightness of the shoe. They were size 11M. But, to my despair, the shoes were slightly short for my feet. I am 5 ft 11 inches tall and I can usually wear a size 11 when there is a toe or heel showing on a shoe. I prayed that I could wear the them but I could not. I am writing to request that they stock this shoe in larger sizes. I had to return both pairs of shoes with much regret.

Sue from New York City

This is my third pair of Avia A1433. I bought them as a replacement for my black pair because they were getting a bit scruffy and I wanted a shiny new pair to wear to a wedding. The are super comfortable and need no breaking-in period. They are dressy-looking even though they have a walker sole. This new pair is an improved model. They've added a bit of elastic to the lower straps and lengthened both straps. This makes them easier to fasten and makes the fit better. The old ones tended to pop open if my feet got swollen at the end of the day because the straps were a little too short. I have diabetes and it's essential that my shoes fit well and have no pressure points. I also like the extra depth so I can use an orthotic. They have quite a cool selection for women and men both.

Mary from Topeka, Kansas

I've always hated the look of athletic shoes or anything I have to tie, but at the same time I knew I wanted something comfortable I could wear all day. I wore slip-ons to work because I could wear them with a dress or pants, but they were never what I considered a solid shoe. Now I've found the shoe of my dreams, one I can walk around in all day and wear for any occasion, dress or casual. With the navy color I bought, the bonus is the complements I receive almost daily. The width is perfect, but my only problem with the shoe is that the straps could be a bit longer.

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